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Winston Churchill Memorial Trust 2021 Fellowships and their research reports

Marion Heeney (New Plymouth): For travel to Scotland, England, Canada and Alaska to examine best practice and evidence about services that work for children and young people.

Tim Boyd (Auckland): For travel to Australia to learn from projects that operate shared workspaces for the creative and skills sector, businesses and product manufacturing.

Veronika Meduna (Wellington): For travel to Vanuatu and Australia to carry out research for a book on the settlement of the Pacific.

Lui Poe (Auckland): For travel to the United States of America to learn from initiatives and leaders of systems approaches, social innovation and design thinking in the United States.

Joanne Cribb (Wellington) For travel to Australia and the UK to engage with organisations and their leaders who are delivering practical, proven initiatives that work across the diversity of the sector, especially for small organisations that serve indigenous communities and those who are vulnerable.