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The Preventing and Countering Violent Extremism Fund is a Crown fund set up to support community organisations and civil society to deliver initiatives that counter and build resilience to violent extremism and radicalisation.

The Fund recognises that communities and sectors outside of government have important roles to play in preventing and countering violent extremism.

More information is available from the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet:

Counter-terrorism - Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet (DPMC)

What are the Fund’s priorities?

Community and civil society organisations may apply for funding to support initiatives that contribute to one or more priority areas:

  • develop and deliver initiatives and/or resources that support individuals on a path of radicalisation to violence from further harm
  • develop and deliver positive online interventions that make online spaces safer and mitigate the risk of radicalisation
  • address and challenge harmful ideas, messages of hate and intolerance that promote violent extremism
  • build capability within community organisations to recognise and respond to radicalisation

Applicants are encouraged to be creative and innovative in their ideas for applications.

Proposals should be able to demonstrate how their initiatives are informed by evidence. You should also consider how you will evaluate your initiative.

Priority will be given to proposals that demonstrate collaboration with one or more partner (e.g. community organisation, private sector agency, academic institution, media organisation, government agency).

The Preventing and Countering Violent Extremism Fund is not designed to support solely research projects, but  portions could be used for evaluation purposes.

What can be funded

The Fund will support support grants of up to $50,000 that:

  • support the disengagement of individuals from violent extremism
  • promote positive online interventions
  • build understanding of radicalisation and engagement with extremist ideologies in New Zealand
  • normalise early intervention and prevention initiatives that address the root causes of radicalisation
  • promote counter-extremist narratives
  • provide training and development to build understanding of radicalisation and extremism in the workforce.

If your initiative requires a grant of more than $50,000 we may consider your request if you demonstrate it will achieve significant community outcomes.

What cannot be funded

  • ongoing costs, such as subscriptions
  • paying for items already purchased
  • purchasing cash assets
  • purchasing vehicles
  • alcohol, cigarettes, tobacco, or vaping products
  • gambling
  • salaries not related to the proposal
  • activities intended for pecuniary gain

When you can apply

  • the funding round will open from Tuesday, 28 March 2023.
  • the funding round will close on Wednesday, 17 May 2023.
  • applicants can expect decisions within 12 weeks of the round closing.

Who makes the funding decisions

Funding decisions are made by the Department of Internal Affairs based on recommendations from an interagency panel including representatives from the NZ Police, New Zealand Security Intelligence Service, the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet, Department of Internal Affairs and the Department of Corrections.

What you need to apply

You will need a budget.

You will need a job description for any roles you have requested funding for.

You can also provide any other document you need to support your funding request.

Financial information

Your organisation will need to provide financial statements.

For more information on what your organisation may need to provide, follow the link below:

Financial statements


Once your grant has been spent you will need to complete an otinga kōrero (final results report) showing how you spent the grant.

More information on what is needed to report on a grant can be found here:

Results reports - Otinga Kōrero

Apply now

You can apply to the Preventing and Countering Violent Extremism Fund using our online grants management system:

Logging into the grants management system

Where to find more information about the Fund

There will be Zoom videoconference seminars to discuss the Fund. To sign up, follow the link below:

Zoom videconference sign-up