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For Lottery Individuals with Disabilities, a disability refers to a long-term (six months or longer) limiting condition that affects a person’s ability to participate in the community.

Ngā kaupapa ka tautokona ā-pūtea / What we fund

Lottery Individuals with Disabilities funds vehicles, vehicle modifications, scooters, assistance dogs and other mobility equipment that will provide outdoor mobility.

It also provides grants to people who have disabilities that affect their communication, to buy equipment to help them communicate.

Ngā Hua / Outcomes

The outcomes sought by this Fund are:

  • That People with disabilities will be more connected with, take part in, and contribute more to their community which will help build stronger communities across New Zealand;
  • Children, young people and their families with disabilities will have increased access to their communities.

The Committee will look for information which shows how a request will support these outcomes and this will be important to the Committee making funding decisions.

The funding outcomes may be reviewed and changed at the start of each year.

Ngā kaupapa kāore e tautokona ā-pūtea / What we don't fund

In addition to what may not be funded by any Lottery committee, Lottery Individuals with Disabilities does not fund:

  • Changes to any property or building;
  • Items which are to be used only within the home;
  • Equipment that the Ministry of Health or any other body has agreed to fund, up to the amount of that funding (any cost over that amount may be funded);
  • Disabilities that have occurred as a result of an accident and are eligible for support from the Accident Compensation Corporation;
  • Items already purchased;
  • Repairs or maintenance to equipment; or
  • Requests from individuals who do not have a disability.

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