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Results Reports - Otinga Kōrero

If you receive a grant you may be required to provide a results report, usually within 12 months of the committee making their decision.

If you receive a multi-year grant you will need to provide a results report for each year of the grant. Future payments will only be released after 12 months, when the results report has been successfully provided.

In the results report we ask that you to tell us how you spent the grant and what community outcomes were achieved. If you did not spend the total grant, you will need to tell us this as well and return any unspent money.
You are required to include a financial document that shows:

  • receipt of the grant
  • how the grant was spent within the approved timeframe on approved outcomes or items
  • any additional income that was received during the period of the grant.

Examples of documentation that may be provided include:

  • a statement of income and expenditure
  • up-to-date annual financial accounts
  • a bank statement (as proof of the grant being received).

Results reports are managed in the online grant management system here. You can:

  • complete the online results report form by clicking 'Due' under the 'Reports' heading in the left-hand menu
  • access information about your original grant request including the budget, agreed reporting and payment information by clicking on Grants under the Grants heading in the left-hand menu.

We have provided a grant expenditure record template that you may choose to use as a starting point. You can download the template below: