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Only the following organisations may receive grants from this fund:

  • a thoroughbred, harness or greyhound racing club registered with:
    • New Zealand Thoroughbred Racing
    • Harness Racing New Zealand, or
    • New Zealand Greyhound Racing Association
  • an incorporated regional group of racing clubs (cluster), on behalf of the clubs it represents
  • one of the New Zealand racing code bodies, on behalf of the clubs it represents, for a nationwide project.

Organisations requesting grants must also be:

  • incorporated societies
  • registered for GST
  • meet the requirements for community organisations requesting grants administered by the Department of Internal Affairs. 

Organisations must show they have the proper governance, management structures and processes to support the size and difficulty of their project.

Ngā Hua / Outcomes

Grants are made if a project is likely to provide the safety benefits and outcomes described in the grant request. Funded projects are expected to help improve:

  • the safety of riders, spectators, officials and others involved in racing at racecourses
  • the health and safety of the animals at racecourses.

Important dates for Racing Safety Development Fund

For the important funding dates for the Racing Safety Development Fund, follow the link below to the funding calendar:

Grant decisions are made by an industry working group of:

  • an independent chairperson appointed by the Minister for Racing
  • a representative from each of the:
    • New Zealand Thoroughbred Racing
    • Harness Racing New Zealand, and
    • New Zealand Greyhound Racing Association.


Ngā kaupapa ka tautokona ā-pūtea / What we fund

Requests that are more likely to get funding will show that:

  • the project is well designed, planned and managed
  • the organisation can complete a successful project
  • you can fund your share of the costs for your project.

We will only fund requests for grants that:

  • meet the purpose and contribute to the outcomes of the Fund
  • are from eligible organisations
  • show the organisation has the right governance and management systems for the project
  • show the organisation can contribute at least half (50%) of the project cost
  • describe the type and size of the project
  • provide a detailed project plan with an estimated timeframe
  • provide a detailed project budget
  • include at least two quotes for the cost of the project
  • explain how the project will add to other plans for developing infrastructure at the racecourse
  • say whether other funding is available and/or has been requested for the project, and
  • state the preferred quote or tenderer(s) for your project.

Joint requests may be made for several clubs if they share the same racecourse facilities.

We will fund up to half of the costs for a project.

  • the smallest grant you may request is $7,500, which means the total cost of your project must be at least $15,000.
  • the most you can request as a grant is $50,000, for a project costing at least $100,000
  • these amounts should not include GST 

Grants are usually made for half of the project cost, but sometimes less than half of a project’s cost is granted. For example, if the Fund only has $20,000 available, that amount may be granted even though the total project cost is $50,000. If we are unable to make a grant for the full amount requested, we will discuss this with you.


Ngā kaupapa kāore e tautokona ā-pūtea / What we don't fund

The Racing Safety Development Fund does not make grants to:

  • individuals
  • organisations not registered with or as a New Zealand racing code body
  • fundraisers, including professional or commercial fundraisers that distribute money to others
  • services or activities that will continue into the future
  • projects that are finished before the closing date for requests
  • repay or service debt, or to pay for past transactions or finished work
  • project requests where someone could personally benefit, but the possible conflict of interest has not been stated or dealt with properly
  • projects or activities that will not directly improve the safety and quality of facilities at racecourses.

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