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Winston Churchill Memorial Trust 2020 Fellowships and their research reports

Winston Churchill Fellowships

Darral Campbell (Christchurch): For travel to the United Kingdom and Denmark to visit leading providers in the delivery of Younger Onset Dementia services.

Kim Morton (Christchurch): To explore developments in using arts on prescription/arts on referral model for people with experience of mental distress.

Mark Roberts (Auckland): For travel to North America to understand how community-led deconstruction hubs, can, by deconstructing buildings rather than demolishing them, divert construction and demolition materials from landfill to beneficial uses, creating opportunities for people who may otherwise have difficulty gaining work skills, training and meaningful employment.

Michaela Latimer (Raglan): For travel to the United States and the United Kingdom to connect with community and philanthropic organisations involved in positive youth development.

Sarah Sutherland (Auckland): For travel to the United Kingdom and Australia to gather insights and perspectives on the main factors that drive the successful integration of sustainability across an infrastructure construction project.

Susan Elliott (Wellington): For travel to the United States to learn from cities renowned for their permanent and temporary public art, and the progressive use of new technologies including digital, projection, light, water and interactive works.

Vanesse Geel (Auckland): For travel to Scotland to explore and observe the range of policies and service initiatives that impact and shape support to children/whānau, using an integrated/partnered approach as well as establish evidence around the use of a “single plan” by exploring the national framework: Getting It Right for Every Child in Scotland.

Wendy Newport-Smith (Palmerston North): For travel to the United Kingdom and North America to understand national, virtual, scientific network best-practice governance and management in well-established networks.

Winston Churchill McNeish Writer’s Fellowship

Aaron Horrell (Wellington): For travel to the United Kingdom and Asia to inform a novel about kiwi identity, cultural difference and dislocation, cross-cultural gender relations, being Māori abroad, and mental health.

Winston Churchill China New Zealand Friendship Society Fellowship

Patrick Doohan (Napier): For travel to China to further develop a relationship with automotive and mechanical engineering and manufacturing professors at the Qi Lu University of Technology to extend educational collaboration between New Zealand and China on mechanical engineering trade education.

Patrick declined the Fellowship because the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic made safe travel impossible.

Winston Churchill Australia New Zealand School of Government Fellowship

Clive Aspin (Wellington): For travel to Canada to gain insights into effective suicide prevention among indigenous Canadians – First Nations, Metis and Inuit people.