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The Lottery Significant Projects Committee decides which requests it will fund. The Committee aims to invest in projects that will help build closer and stronger communities by increasing people’s participation and social interaction at a regional or national level.

Ngā kaupapa ka tautokona ā-pūtea / What we fund

The planned project must:

  • be for a community purpose for public use in New Zealand
  • have a total cost of $3 million or more, and
  • show how the finished project will provide regional or national benefits or outcomes in:
    • the arts, culture or heritage
    • sport or recreation
    • conservation or the environment
    • economic development, and/or
    • visitor services and tourism.

The Committee prefers requests that show robust project planning has been done to support the scope of the project and type of regional or national asset that is planned.

The following are examples of what may be funded:

  • projects to construct new facilities or buildings that will benefit the regional or national community
  • projects to redevelop, extend or improve an existing facility or building to improve access, or its capacity to meet needs, or broaden its range of uses
  • the renovation, refurbishment and/or earthquake strengthening of facilities or buildings used for community purposes
  • large scale, community-based environmental projects which promote, protect and keep New Zealand’s native plants (flora) or animals (fauna) safe from harm
  • large scale, community-based projects to create new outdoor spaces or improve access to existing outdoor spaces.

Ngā Hua / Outcomes

Organisations receiving grants are expected to show how their project will:

  • help people to join in social, recreational, civil or cultural activities
  • reduce or overcome barriers that prevent people taking part in those activities, and/or
  • increase the community’s ability to look after its own needs and grow stronger.

Requests for grants are more likely to be funded if the need for the project and the benefits for a regional and/or national community are clearly shown.

Ngā kaupapa matua / Priorities

Requests should show that the project:

  • is of an appropriate size and scale to meet the need
  • will provide opportunities for people to participate, interact or connect
  • has widespread support, or is the result of community initiative
  • is working with others, such as government or local government, iwi or Māori organisations, community organisations
  • is well designed and planned, and will be professionally managed
  • is almost ready to start
  • is proposed by an organisation that has the ability to:
    • successfully develop and deliver a project of this size and scope
    • manage and maintain the asset in the future, without needing more lottery grants.

If you are planning to request a grant from the Lottery Significant Projects Fund, note that:

  • projects that are almost ready to go are given priority
  • projects that are mostly intended to make profits or gain will not be funded.

Important dates for Lottery Significant Projects Fund

The next opening and closing dates for Lottery Significant Projects Fund requests and the Committee decision meeting date are listed at the link below:

Ngā kaupapa kāore e tautokona ā-pūtea / What we don't fund

Lottery Significant Projects Fund does not fund:

  • projects that are not for community purposes or will not provide a public benefit
  • purchases of land
  • requests from individuals
  • requests for assets that anticipate ongoing support from the Lottery Grants Board
  • requests for feasibility studies, conservation plans or seismic assessment reports (these may be funded by other Lottery committees).

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