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What are the COGS changes?

The changes to COGS include who can apply to COGS and the ability to request funding for up to three years in one application.

The changes to who can apply to COGS are:

  • your organisation must have less than $2 million annual operating expenditure for each of the past two years to make a request to COGS
  • your organisation includes your national/regional office and any branches under the same legal entity

These changes have been made to ensure that funding aligns with the purpose of COGS to support smaller organisations with limited access to other funding.

The table below explains what we mean when we talk about an ‘organisation’ and ‘operating expenditure’ and if your organisation is eligible to request COGS funding:

Element Explanation


An ‘organisation’ includes the national and/or regional office and any branches or affiliated organsiations that come under the same legal entity.

Branches or affiliated organisations of your organisation that are legal entities in their own right are considered as separate organisations.

Your organisation must be a legal entity to request $10,000 or more for any one year.

The level of operating expenditure

You will not be eligible to request COGS funding if your organisation has operating expenditure of $2 million or more for each of the past two financial years.

‘Operating expenditure’ does not include large, one-off capital works (usually projects), depreciation, or money your organisation owes (such as loans).

Can I apply for multi-year COGS funding?

Eligible organisations may be able to apply for multi-year funding 

To be eligible for multi-year funding community organisations need to meet general COGS criteria plus specific multi-year funding criteria. An organisation must:

  • have been established for at least two years
  • demonstrate a good grant management history (with the Department and/or other funders)
  • have evidence of good governance and management systems
  • have experience in, or can demonstrate experience in running a similar service/activity or project for which funding is requested
  • be a legal entity if the application is in excess of $10k for any one year.

If you require assistance please call us on 0800 824 824.  

Some further information you may wish to know about multi-year funding can be found here