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What further information do I need to know about COGS multi-year funding?

During the 2019 public meetings, some questions about multi-year funding were asked and we developed some extra information that may be of use when making a multi-year funding request: 

  • Multi-year funding requests can be made for equal amounts of funding or variable amounts per year.
  • Committees can award single-year grants and multi-year grants for two or three years.
  • Committees can decide to fully fund, partially fund or decline a request and fund for a shorter period of time than requested.
  • If your organisation has a multi-year grant in place, no other funding requests can be made for another grant to the same committee during this period.
  • Multi-year funding recipients will still need to report annually. Future payments are dependent on your organisation completing a satisfactory annual results report. An updated budget for the year ahead must be provided with your results report.
  • If your organisation needs to apply for a variation to the agreed terms and conditions of their grant you should contact a local Community Advisor.
  • There is no guarantee the committee will award a grant or multi-year grant now or in the future. This is no different to the current funding restrictions given that funding is dependent on annual Government Budget decisions which are announced in May each year.