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Winston Churchill Memorial Trust 2018 Fellowships and their research reports

  • Anton Blank for travel to Taiwan and the United Kingdom to meet with diversity, multiculturalism and unconscious bias experts to inform the development of resources and training for use in New Zealand.
  • Richard Davies for travel to the United Kingdom to visit and observe general practice medical clinics providing services to the homeless and other vulnerable groups to inform the delivery of medical services to vulnerable groups in New Zealand.
  • Stu Farrant for travel to Germany, Denmark, Sweden and USA to research urban water management policy, technical innovations and funding mechanisms which have supported mitigating the environmental impacts of urban land development to inform the management of New Zealand urban storm water to address the degradation of water quality in streams, rivers, lakes and coastal waters.
  • Ian McDonald for travel to the United States to study communications and operations management in the Baseball industry to inform the development of Baseball New Zealand.
  • Shona McElroy for travel to the USA and Canada to investigate how the latest technologies - such as augmented reality, the internet of things and artificial intelligence - and inclusive and participatory design methodologies are being applied to address social and environmental challenges.
  • Alayne McKee for travel to the United Kingdom to learn from speech, language and communication professionals addressing the speech, language and communication needs of children, adolescents and adults who are involved with care and protection, justice, mental health or behaviour services to inform the delivery of these services in New Zealand.
  • Jimmy McLauchlan for travel to Sydney to study world-leading iCBT therapies and explore their possible adaptations to inform the implementation of effective delivery of e-therapy to whānau and community mental health patients in New Zealand.
  • Andrew Prescott for travel to the USA, Canada, and England to look at models of care utilising paramedics in a hospital based role to inform discussion and debate on extending the scope of paramedic roles in New Zealand.
  • Ursula Rack for travel to USA and United Kingdom to investigate the preservation of their Antarctic histories and identify practices that may be utilised in Aotearoa New Zealand.
  • Olivia Stapleton or travel to USA to research mobile health technology integrated into clinical care settings, particularly mood and behaviour monitoring mobile phone applications to inform the design and delivery of a technological solution to help women in the NZ community with perinatal depression.
  • Carolyn Stobbs for travel to the United Kingdom to work with a leading intellectual disability training and development agency to gain knowledge and skills that would further develop IHC’s Community Advocacy Work Programme in New Zealand.
  • Anthony Tedeschi for travel to the United Kingdom to undertake archival research as part of a study on the book collector Alexander Horsburgh Turnbull (1868–1918).
  • Nathan Watson for travel to Canada and USA to study models of prevention focused outdoor recreation (land based) public safety to inform practice in New Zealand.
  • Claire Woolley for travel to the USA and Canada to identify models used to deliver affordable housing outcomes for Native Hawaiian, Native American and First Nations peoples that could be tailored for affordable housing projects for Māori in New Zealand.

2018 Winston Churchill McNeish Writers Fellowship Recipient

  • Mia Gaudin for travel to Mexico and California to research the lives of Sandra Bogart and Marion Grant for a novel that explores themes of identity, travel, feminism, family, joy and loss.