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Winston Churchill Memorial Trust 2016 Fellowships and their research reports

  • Manaaki Barrett will travel to North America researching eco-tourism, indigenous cultural tourism perspectives and best practice. This Fellowship will encourage new perspectives and understanding about utilising resources for tourism sustainably and in a culturally appropriate manner.

  • Mark Boddington will travel to Australia, Samoa and the USA to investigate using Information Communication Technology (ICT) to improve access to justice information and services for marginalised groups. This Fellowship will be used to broaden perspectives regarding ICT use to improve service delivery and efficiency.

  • Lyn Cotton will travel to London, UK to research the delivery of high quality dance training for people with disabilities by integrated dance companies. The information and practical experience gained will be used to enhance inclusive dance programmes in New Zealand.

  • Vicki Culling will travel to the UK and the USA to learn more about training programmes for perinatal and infant loss. The Fellowship includes observing the UK Sands Befriender Training initiative which provides support to bereaved parents. The knowledge gained will be used to enhance New Zealand-based services and support.

  • Mary Dawson will travel to Canada and USA to visit organisations leading in migrant and refugee settlement and integration programmes. The insights and perspectives gained will be used to drive better outcomes in New Zealand for migrants and refugees. 

  • Monica Evans will travel within the USA to research the design and facilitation of transformational residential creative arts camps for young people. The Fellowship learnings will be applied to the Auckland-based ‘Express Yourself’ programme for young people with mental health challenges, and shared with the community arts workforce.

  • Alistair Fraser will travel to the Republic of Ireland and the UK to examine taonga pūoro/ Māori musical instruments held in museum collections. This Fellowship will produce primary research, including detailed documentation of the instruments held at the museums visited. From examining taonga tāwhito/ancient treasures a greater understanding of construction and playing methods can be gained.

  • Gordon Harcourt will travel to the UK to focus on consumer protection in the home building industry. The Fellow will study the role of the National House Building Council in the UK’s home building industry and lessons learnt. The research will be used to inform debate and seek change in New Zealand.

  • Prudence Langbein will travel to Canada and the USA and examine creative interactive audio-media for children and digital storytelling. The study will assist the development of non-commercial digital platforms for New Zealand children to access and enjoy.

  • Peter Lawless will travel to Canada and the USA to study advances in facilitating community leadership in managing marine environments and protecting biodiversity. The knowledge gained from observing practices in Canada and the USA will then be considered for application in New Zealand.

  • Glenda Lewis will travel to the UK to focus on researching agricultural history, sustainable agriculture practices and drawing comparisons between farming in the Hawkes’ Bay and Milton-under-Wychwood in the UK. The findings will increase understanding of changes in farming practices and commonalities between the two locations.

  • Phil Light will travel to the UK and Australia visiting organisations that are delivering essential health care for children and young people in new ways. The Fellowship will increase understanding of methods for delivering quality health and social services and assist with considering their suitability for implementation in New Zealand.  

  • Nicola McDonald will travel to the UK to research the implications of an aging demographic and investigate best practice that could be applied by local authorities in New Zealand. 

  • Melanie McNatty will travel to the USA to look at community development practices in communities facing complex, multiple needs and poverty. Techniques for including unrepresented groups in solving community problems will also be examined. The insights will be used to support community development in New Zealand.

  • Garrick Martin will travel to USA in aims to improve the health of homeless people by improving health service provision and drawing comparisons between American practices and New Zealand-based models. The Fellow will visit a number of service providers during his Fellowship.

  • Jan Moss will travel to Ireland, Sweden and the UK and visit organizations that support people with severe disabilities. The research will assist people with severe disabilities in New Zealand to be recognised and represented in policy discussions and service delivery decisions that affect them.

Winston Churchill McNeish Writer’s Fellowship Recipient

  • Carolyn Gillum will travel to Norway as part of a research and writing trip to support her novel based on the Norwegian Alta conflict. The Fellowship experience will be used to create an authentic fictional world and interview locals so their motivations, fears and hopes can be incorporated into the novel’s characters.