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The Trust considers every request for assistance and decides whether to make a grant and for how much. When making decisions, the Trustees look at how a grant may benefit someone’s life. Decisions of the Trust are made independently of the government.

Read more about the Viet Nam Veterans and their Families Trust grants.

The Chair of the Trust is appointed by the Minister of Defence and the Minister of Veterans’ Affairs. The Returned Services Association (RSA) appoints two Trustees and the New Zealand Viet Nam Veterans Association (VVA) appoints two Trustees.

The current Trustees are:

  • Lindsay Pope - Chair (Settlor appointee) 
  • Patrick Duggan (RSA appointee)
  • Rob Hughes (RSA appointee)
  • Pamela Miley-Terry (VVA appointee)
  • Graham Gibson (VVA appointee).

The Trust is administered by the Department of Internal Affairs, at no cost to the Trust.

The Trust holds a public meeting once every year. The Trustees present their annual report and statement of investment policy and objectives at this meeting.

All Viet Nam Veterans and their families are welcome to attend to find out more about the Trust, and to meet and talk with the Trustees. 

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