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Do I have to register with Veterans' Affairs?

The Trustees encourage all Viet Nam Veterans and their family members to register with Veterans’ Affairs. As well as assisting individual Veterans, registering with Veterans’ Affairs also benefits the Viet Nam Veterans’ community, by monitoring trends in the health and wellbeing of Veterans and their families. See the Veterans' Affairs website:

Call Veterans’ Affairs on 0800 4838372 or email: for the Veterans’ Affairs’ registration forms for Veterans, their wives/partners, children and grandchildren.

Who can apply for a Viet Nam Veterans and their Families Trust grant?

People requesting grants from the Trust must be New Zealand Viet Nam Veterans or family members of a New Zealand Viet Nam Veteran, whether living in New Zealand or elsewhere.  

The Trust wants to support those most in need within the Viet Nam Veterans’ community. If you know someone who would benefit from a grant, please encourage them to apply.