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Lottery National Community Committee

Request a grant from the Lottery National Community committee if:

  • your group is a national organisation
  • your request is for a project or service with a nationwide benefit, or 
  • your request will benefit two or more regions.

Ngā Hua / Outcomes

Lottery National Community committee outcomes are that social services, cultural diversity and community development are enhanced by:

  • increased collaboration between organisations, and reducing duplication of services
  • community needs being met through responsive community-led services, projects and activities
  • communities being innovative and responding well to changing needs.

Lower priority is given if a request is:

  • from an organisation with significant reserves
  • for an art or sports programme that doesn't align with the Lottery Community outcomes.

Lottery National Community has made the following grants:

Request a grant from a regional Lottery Community committee if your project or service is for only one Lottery Community region and will only benefit a community or communities in that region. This includes if your group is an independent branch of a national organisation where your project or service will only benefit the region in which your grant request is made. 

There are two funding rounds for Lottery Community each year. The opening and closing dates are the same for all the Lottery Community committees. We receive around 2,500 Lottery Community requests each year. Due to the demand for grants please try to submit your Lottery Community requests well before the closing dates.

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