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Banaban Cultural Community of Auckland

The Banaban Cultural Community of Auckland Incorporated received a grant of $1,500 from the Manukau COGS committee in 2021.

The grant will go towards the running of Te bwimanimaua celebrations event on 15 December.

The Te bwinanimaua celebration, which means '15 December', is an annual event in the Banaban calendar celebrating the arrival of their people on Rabi Island in Fiji on 15 December 1945. The Banaban people were gathered from the Pacific islands where they had been taken by the Japanese to be used as forced labour during World War II.

Te bwinanimaua celebrates the survival and resilience of their people. During the celebration they camp as a community group on a marae or a community hall and offer thanksgiving, perform cultural songs and dances and feast. They also have competitions in cultural sports and history re-telling and quizzes for the young people.

The Banaban Cultural Community of Auckland Incorporated are a community group of 12 families and has a membership of 60 people.  

The grant benefits the whole community by building stronger community connections and maintaining the community's cultural identity. It also helps the community maintain their history and pass it on to the next generation.