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What is the youth worker training priority of the Community and Volunteering Capability Fund?

Youth worker training funding available through the Community and Volunteering Capability Fund (CVC) provides small grants that support training opportunities for youth workers to help improve the quality of youth work in New Zealand.

For this funding, a youth worker is defined as someone of any age, paid or unpaid, who helps young people to make a successful transition to adult life.

A youth worker is concerned with the young person’s total wellbeing rather than one specific aspect, such as sport.

There is $200,000 available to distribute nationally.

Ngā Hua / Outcomes

The intended outcomes of youth worker training funding are:

  • effective and capable youth workers
  • valued youth workers
  • well-functioning programmes and projects targeted towards young people
  • networked and capable groups supporting young people.

Ngā kaupapa matua / Priorities

Priority is given to:

  • courses or seminars that provide certificates of attendance or other recognition of training received
  • groups or individuals who have limited access to other training funds
  • training events that are open to all youth workers in an area
  • training programmes that meet the needs of youth workers and their communities.

Ngā kaupapa ka tautokona ā-pūtea / What we fund

You can apply if you are:

  • a community organisation with legal entity status
  • a group or sub-committee that comes under the umbrella of a community organisation with legal entity status
  • an individual sponsored by an eligible community organisation.

Funding may be provided for:

  • short-term (1 day to 3 months) courses, conferences, or training events that improve youth workers' knowledge and skills
  • short-term (1 day to 3 months) courses which may be a component of a long-term training course, such as a university paper, or polytechnic course
  • the national youth work qualifications (workplace assessment)
  • training for youth workers to gain national standards for youth work called 'Tohu'. 'Tohu' is facilitated by the Youth Workers' Network and is in addition to the workplace assessment.

There is no closing date for the youth worker training priority.

Funding is broken up into regional areas:

  • Auckland
  • Canterbury/West Coast
  • Central North Island
  • Lower North Island
  • Nelson/Marlborough
  • Northland
  • Otago/Southland
  • Westland

If you are interested in applying for this funding, please contact the regional office in your area.

Link to Hāpai Hapori regional offices' contact information