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What are the Oranga Marae eligibility and exclusions criteria?

In order to qualify for Oranga Marae funding, applications must meet the following criteria:

  • be for a traditional or urban marae, and;
  • be on land gazetted for the purpose of a marae, and;
  • be submitted by trustees of the Māori Reservation or another legal entity (a legal entity that has been approved by the trustees of the Māori Reservation to apply for Oranga Marae funding on their behalf.)


New builds/Greenfields where there is no previous infrastructure or pre-existing buildings are ineligible for a Lottery Oranga Marae funding contribution.

Kura or Wānanga Marae - Oranga Marae investment is not available to Marae-ā-kura and Marae-ā-wānanga or any other institutionally supported marae such as universities and polytechnics.


Exceptions to the eligibility criteria may be collectively considered on a case by case basis by the Fund Managers.