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Improving safety on May Road

Improving safety on May Road

In December 2014, local resident Rebecca met with Roskill Together staff to raise concerns about pedestrian safety on May Road, Mt Roskill.

By applying community-led development principles, Roskill Together helped Rebecca to succeed in getting a signalised pedestrian crossing installed on May Road - a fantastic outcome from a successful community campaign led by a local resident. Watch the video to find out more.

Mt Roskill was one of four communities that agreed to work in partnership with Community Operations to pilot the Community-led Development approach over five years.

What is the Community-led Development Programme?

This programme uses a community-led approach to support communities and hapū to achieve their goals by working together, building on their strengths, encouraging wide participation, developing local leaders and action plans to measure and celebrate their achievements.

Who took part in the Community-led Development pilot?

Four communities took part in the pilot – North East Valley (Dunedin), Mangakino (Waikato), Mt Roskill (Auckland), and Whirinaki (Far North). Their journeys and stories are strong and meaningful, and reflect deep connection and care within each community.