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What is the Community-led Development Programme?

This programme uses a community-led approach to support communities and hapū to achieve their goals by working together, building on their strengths, encouraging wide participation, developing local leaders and action plans to measure and celebrate their achievements.

How does the Community-led Development Programme work?

The Community-led Development Programme is based on a community or hapū and the Department of Internal Affairs signing a partnership agreement and agreeing to work together.

The Community-led Development Programme is currently at capacity and we do not expect that we will enter into any further partnerships in the next year. Communities are welcome to continue expressing their interest in the programme, particularly as the decision whether or not to enter into further partnerships will continue to be reviewed on a quarterly basis.

What support does the Department of Internal Affairs offer in the Community-led Development Programme?

In this partnership the Department will offer intensive advice and support and will work with other government agencies, tangata whenua, local authorities, funders, businesses and local organisations to support the community achieve their locally-led initiatives. As partnership communities put their plans in place, they will also be able to request funding investment to support them to achieve their community or hapū goals.

The first programme partners were selected in March 2017 and a second group of communities are currently exploring if a community-led partnership could be right for them. Requests to join this programme are now closed for 2017.

Who took part in the Community-led Development pilot?

Four communities took part in the pilot – North East Valley (Dunedin), Mangakino (Waikato), Mt Roskill (Auckland), and Whirinaki (Far North). Their journeys and stories are strong and meaningful, and reflect deep connection and care within each community.