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The Peace and Disarmament Education Trust promotes international peace, arms control and disarmament through education. The Trust provides post-graduate scholarships and grants for projects with charitable purposes that will advance or support its objective.

The Trustee is the Secretary for Internal Affairs.

The Trustee acts on the recommendations of the Public Advisory Committee for Disarmament and Arms Control, which advises the Government on disarmament and arms control.

The Public Advisory Committee on Disarmament and Arms Control recommends which requests should be funded. Its members are:

  • Wayne Mapp
  • Treasa Dunworth
  • Natasha Barnes
  • Sarah Paterson
  • Kevin Riordan
  • Ross Miller
  • Paul Sinclair
  • Angela Woodward

Copies of annual reports are available by email from:

Projects that receive grants or funding must acknowledge the Peace and Disarmament Education Trust's support in any publicity materials, such as event programmes, signage, publication acknowledgements or annual reports.

Read more about the Peace and Disarmament Education Trust scholarships and grants.

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