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Lottery Hurunui Kaikoura Marlborough Earthquake Relief Fund March 2017 grants

Name Amount Purpose
Seddon School $2,760 To run an annual community event, that contributes to community connections, participation and wellbeing.
Marlborough District Council $62,200 To employ two Earthquake Recovery Co-ordinators to facilitate local
Upper Clarence Community Relief Group $49,680 To ensure residents in the isolated Upper Clarence area can access essential and other services by helicopter, following the destruction of the bridge that provided access to Kaikoura as a result of the earthquake. The grant will help address local concerns about safe access to services and social isolation.
Hurunui Trails Trust Board $28,300 To develop and promote a new cycle trail that will connect isolated communities affected by the earthquake. The grant will support increased wellbeing through improved community connections and community rejuvenation.
Community Wellbeing North Canterbury Trust $278,062 To support vulnerable people following the earthquake, a Youth Worker, Family Support Social Worker and Counsellor will be employed as part of the Hurunui District recovery plan. The grant will contribute to increasing wellbeing in impacted communities.
Hurunui District Council $29,600 To restore two earthquake-damaged war memorials in time for ANZAC day events. This will improve community morale in small rural towns and provide opportunities for social connections.
Te Whare Putea Charitable Trust $9,000 To support the running costs of a new community shed in Kaikoura, enabling people to get support to repair earthquake-damaged household items, share skills and to connect socially. This will contribute to community wellbeing.
SVS Living Safe $74,000 International statistics show an increase in family violence in the aftermath of major disasters. This grant will provide violence prevention services, promote positive coping strategies and support improved family safety and wellbeing, working alongside the Kaikoura Violence Free Network.
Waiau Bowling Club Inc $14,131 To repair bowling greens made unusable by earthquake damage. The grant will support social connections and wellbeing.
Dementia Canterbury $50,000 To increase services into Kaikoura for those affected by dementia. Earthquake-related
Waiau School Board of Trustees $35,000 The Waiau community/school swimming pool was destroyed by the earthquake. The grant is for a feasibility study for a new community swimming pool, which has been identified by this small rural community as a key project in its recovery plan.
Amuri Historical Society Inc $5,046 To assist with minor capital works so the Waiau museum may re-open to the public following the earthquake. The grant will support community connections in this small rural town.
Kaikoura Judo Club $2,000 The club
Community Energy Action Charitable Trust $20,000 For services into Hurunui and Kaikoura from this Christchurch-based Trust, including a curtain bank; advice and support with keeping earthquake-damaged homes warm and dry this winter, contributing to people
Kaikoura Historical Society $68,000 To develop an exhibition at the museum, including the collection of people
Kaikoura Information and Tourism Incorporated $28,635 To install street flags to promote local events and a feeling of community pride and connection.
Kaikoura Surf Groms $29,400 The grant will support a youth surfing club that has provided free surfing lessons since the earthquake. It will contribute to the wellbeing of young people, providing opportunities for socialising and participating in this sport.
Amuri Community Arts Council $47,114 For an oral history project to record people
Marlborough Rural Education Activities Programme (REAP) $5,500 For three community activity programmes in Kaikoura, Seddon and K?kereng?. The grant will contribute to increasing participation and reducing social isolation in these communities.
Royal New Zealand Plunket Society Canterbury Area Incorporated $19,280 For five Plunket-based projects that aim to connect young families in Kaikoura and Hurunui. The grant will support wellbeing by improving access to these projects, increasing the social connections and support for families with young children.
Kaikoura Information and Tourism Incorporated $9,250 For outdoor movies and a community concert in Kaikoura, to improve social connections and contribute to community participation and wellbeing.
Kaikoura District Council $63,000 To extend the Events Co-ordinator role within the Kaikoura Recovery Team, allowing for the continued provision of community events, which contribute to community participation and wellbeing.
Kaikoura High School $26,000 For transport costs to Christchurch so that students can continue to participate in sporting and cultural events. This improves wellbeing by supporting student access to these events.
Kaikoura High School $15,652 The school gym is unusable due to earthquake damage. This grant is for outdoor equipment for sports previously played in the gym. The equipment will be available for community as well as school use, and will therefore support the wellbeing of students and locals participating in these activities.
Kaikoura Te Ahikaaroa Netball Club $1,800 For four members to attend the National M?ori Netball Tournament in Auckland. The club would normally fundraise for this but this isn
Kaikoura Youth Council Incorporated $9,917 To provide a temporary skate ramp following the destruction of the old skate park in the earthquake. The grant will contribute to increased social connection and activities for young people.
Kaikoura Judo Club $6,250 To assist members to attend judo competitions around the country. The closure of State Highway One between Kaikoura and Picton has increased travel times and costs.
Kaikoura Community Vehicle Trust Board $29,478 To replace the earthquake-damaged garage used for two vehicles that provide community transport services for the elderly and those with limited mobility.
Hurunui District Council $37,400 For extra recreational activities for children and young people, and
Kaikoura High School $3,298 The grant will support the bi-annual Senior Ball. This significant community event is usually sponsored by local businesses but, due to the economic impacts of the earthquake, such support is not available this year.
Kaikoura Croquet Club $3,053 The club
Festival and Events Trust $21,500 For community events in Seddon, Ward and K?kereng?. The grant will contribute to community participation and wellbeing.
Kaikoura District Council $70,000 For a Community Mental Health Support Worker to support people with mild to moderate anxiety related to the earthquake. The grant will contribute to the wellbeing of affected people.
Waiau Citizens Association $1,495 To install free solar powered Wi-Fi on the Waiau village green. The grant will ensure people can communicate electronically in any future disaster events.

Download the March 2017 grants spreadsheet (.csv)