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2021 Ethnic Communities Development Fund record of grants (December)

Name Amount
15th March Whanau Trust $19,980
Aotearoa Latin American Community Incorporated $25,000
Eduquest $9,370
Federation of New Zealand Netherlands Societies Incorporated $30,000
Hutt Multicultural Council Incorporated $5,000
Ignite Sport Trust $10,000
Lawrence Chinese Camp Charitable Trust $4,000
Mangere East Afterschool Care, Community Education, and Study Support Trust $15,000
Multicultural Whangarei Incorporated $10,000
Muthtamil Sangam Incorporated $24,700
New Zealand China Friendship Society Incorporated $13,500
New Zealand National Refugee Youth Council Incorporated $45,900
NZ Middlemore Sangam Incorporated $6,750
Southland Multicultural Trust $5,000
Southland Nepalese Society Incorporated $9,180
The Aoraki Multicultural Council Incorporated $5,000
The Aoraki Multicultural Council Incorporated $2,550
The Upper Hutt Multicultural Council Incorporated $25,600
Waikato Arab Social Club $10,000
Wellington Jewish Community Centre $25,000