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Para Kore Marae Incorporated

Para Kore Marae Incorporated, a national entity, has received grants totalling $50,500 from various COGS local distribution committees. 

COGS has a national objective to prioritise Māori. 

The mission of Para Kore is to educate and advocate from a Māori worldview for a world without waste.

Their Pae Tawhiti (vision) is Oranga TaiaoOranga Marae, Oranga Whānau.

Para Kore is working towards empowering marae, whānauhapū, iwi, Māori industry, Māori tertiary institutions and Māori society at large to take an active and leading role in normalising zero waste.

This includes closed-loop living, highlighting ways to protect natural resources and regenerate the diversity of the natural world and to contribute to the well-being of both people for future generations.  The Programme is run within the frameworks of kaupapa and tikanga Māori.    

Para Kore sought funding for a facilitator to deliver the programme online and kanohi ki te kanohi to marae, kōhanga reokura, organisations, whare karakia and event organisers based in the 18 different regional areas