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How much funding is available for each Lottery committee in 2021/22?

$208,831,784 has been allocated to the Lottery distribution committees. In addition, $2,477,314 has been allocated to the water safety sector. The funding allocations to the individual Lottery distribution committees are listed in the table below:

 Lottery Committee  2021/22 Allocations
 Lottery Northland Regional Community  $4,790,118
 Lottery Auckland Regional Community  $24,951,415
 Lottery Waikato Regional Community  $9,851,001
 Lottery Bay of Plenty / Gisborne Regional Community  $7,259,426
 Lottery Taranaki Regional Community  $2,600,225
 Lottery Hawkes Bay Regional Community  $3,235,796
 Lottery Manawatu / Whanganui Regional Community $5,152,339 
 Lottery Wellington / Wairarapa Regional Community  $7,120,100
 Lottery West Coast / Nelson / Marlborough Regional Community  $3,575,000
 Lottery Canterbury / Kaikoura Regional Community  $9,182,804
 Lottery Otago / Southland Regional Community  $5,814,489
 Lottery National Community  $23,782,666
 Lottery Community Facilities  $21,900,000
 Lottery Community Sector Research  $500,000
 Lottery Environment and Heritage  $11,903,095
Lottery Health Research $4,146,404
Lottery Individuals with Disabilities $9,295,975
Oranga Marae $27,000,000
Minister’s Discretionary Fund* $572,656
Lottery Outdoor Safety $8,293,616
Lottery Significant Projects $16,000,000

* Funding allocated to Minister’s Discretionary Fund has been carried forward from the unspent portion of the 2020/21 allocation