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What projects are more likely to be funded by the Racing Safety Development Fund?

Requests that are more likely to get funding will show that:

  • the project is well designed, planned and managed
  • the organisation can complete a successful project
  • you can fund your share of the costs for your project.

How much can we request for Racing Safety projects?

We will fund up to half of the costs for a project.

  • the smallest grant you may request is $7,500, which means the total cost of your project must be at least $15,000.
  • the most you can request as a grant is $50,000, for a project costing at least $100,000
  • these amounts should not include GST 

Grants are usually made for half of the project cost, but sometimes less than half of a project’s cost is granted. For example, if the Fund only has $20,000 available, that amount may be granted even though the total project cost is $50,000. If we are unable to make a grant for the full amount requested, we will discuss this with you.