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Are there any other eligibility requirements for Racing Safety Development Fund?

Organisations requesting grants must also be:

  • incorporated societies
  • registered for GST
  • meet the requirements for community organisations requesting grants administered by the Department of Internal Affairs. 

Organisations must show they have the proper governance, management structures and processes to support the size and difficulty of their project.

Who may request Racing Safety Development Fund grants?

Only the following organisations may receive grants from this fund:

  • a thoroughbred, harness or greyhound racing club registered with:
    • New Zealand Thoroughbred Racing
    • Harness Racing New Zealand, or
    • New Zealand Greyhound Racing Association
  • an incorporated regional group of racing clubs (cluster), on behalf of the clubs it represents
  • one of the New Zealand racing code bodies, on behalf of the clubs it represents, for a nationwide project.

What do organisations need to have to get a grant?

What an organisation needs to apply for funding

An organisation requesting funding must have:

  • Two people with the right to sign the organisation’s bank accounts.
  • A cashbook (hard-copy or electronic) that is updated regularly.
  • A person responsible for the organisation’s financial information.
  • An up-to-date Organisation profile in our online grants management system.
  • A document from the bank showing the organisation's bank details. This could be a bank statement, printed deposit slip or letter from the bank confirming the account name and number.

An organisation may need to have:

  • A document confirming who the Profile Secretary is (if the Profile Secretarys have changed in the grants management system).
  • A record of the grants awarded from other funders.
  • Reported back on any completed Hāpai Hapori grants.
  • Up-to-date tax records.

You must update your Organisation profile before making a request

Each time you make a request for funding you need to make sure the information in your Organisation profile is up-to-date.

Your Organisation profile can be updated at any time by the Profile secretary.

Your organisation can have more than one Profile Secretary on the Organisation profile.

Important things to check are that:

  • your financial information is up-to-date or available on the Charities Services register
  • your bank account information is correct
  • you upload a new bank account slip for any new bank account details

Is the grant request all we need to do?

You need to confirm that your organisation profile has been checked and the information is up-to-date when you submit your grant request. This is because your request and organisation profile are both required for your request to be complete.

Only your organisation's profile secretary can update your organisation's profile, so you need to check this has been done before you submit a grant request. For example, the bank account details for your organisation are saved to your organisation profile, not your grant request. This means this information only needs to be provided once and is kept up-to-date by your profile secretary or secretaries.