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How do I apply to Lottery Individuals with Disabilities if I don't have the internet?

To request Lottery Individuals with Disabilities funding, download the request form using the link below:

Email the completed form to: with the name of the person the request is for in the email subject line.

Or mail the form to:
Lottery Individuals with Disabilities
PO Box 30 454
Lower Hutt 5040

If you need more information or support to request a Lottery Individuals with Disabilities grant, please call 0800 824 824.

What does Lottery Individuals with Disabilities not fund?

In addition to what may not be funded by any Lottery committee, Lottery Individuals with Disabilities does not fund:

  • Changes to any property or building;
  • Items which are to be used only within the home;
  • Equipment that the Ministry of Health or any other body has agreed to fund, up to the amount of that funding (any cost over that amount may be funded);
  • Disabilities that have occurred as a result of an accident and are eligible for support from the Accident Compensation Corporation;
  • Items already purchased;
  • Repairs or maintenance to equipment; or
  • Requests from individuals who do not have a disability.

What happens once I've submitted my request?

We will send you an email or letter to tell you we have received your request, and we’ll let you know if we need any more information from you.

If approved, grant payments are made directly to equipment suppliers.