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Does the Lottery Significant Projects Fund Committee have any preferences?

The Committee prefers requests that show robust project planning has been done to support the scope of the project and type of regional or national asset that is planned.

What will the Lottery Significant Projects Fund provide grants for?

The planned project must:

  • be for a community purpose for public use in New Zealand
  • have a total cost of $3 million or more, and
  • show how the finished project will provide regional or national benefits or outcomes in:
    • the arts, culture or heritage;
    • sport or recreation;
    • conservation or the environment;
    • community wellbeing and resilience;
    • economic development; and/or
    • visitor services and tourism.

What are the outcomes for the Lottery Significant Projects Fund?

Organisations requesting grants must show how their project will:

  • provide opportunities for people to take part in social, recreational, civil or cultural activities at a regional or national level;
  • reduce or overcome barriers that prevent people taking part in those activities, and/or
  • increase a region’s ability to look after its own needs and grow stronger.