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FIND US: Hamilton office contact information

Te Tari Taiwhenua Department of Internal Affairs
Hāpai Hapori Community Operations
Level Two, 410 Victoria Street 

This office is only open for appointments. Call or email us to book an appointment.

Is there an office in Hamilton?

There is a Community Operations team based in Hamilton, with community advisors who work with rural, marae and urban communities in the Waikato region, including Hauraki and the Coromandel to the Waitomo, Otorohanga and South Waikato Districts.

Are there any local grants for community organisations in the Waikato?

The Hamilton Community Operations teams support the Lottery Waikato Community Committee and four COGS committees serving communities and neighbourhoods across the Waikato:

  • Hauraki COGS committee
  • Waikato West COGS committee
  • Kirikiriroa Hamilton COGS committee
  • Waikato South COGS committee