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What is partnership funding?

Partnership funding means any funding and assets you already have available for your project. For Lottery capital works funds, there is a partnership funding requirement before you can make a funding request.

Which funds need partnership funding?

Partnership funding is required for projects if you are making a request to:

You will only be funded if you can show that you already have one-third of the total project costs available. It is better to wait until you meet the requirement for partnership funding before you request a grant.

You do not need partnership funding if your grant request is for a plan, feasibility study or report.

What can partnership funding include?

Partnership funding may include:

  • cash donations you’ve received;
  • confirmed sponsorship amounts;
  • grants made towards your project by others (apart from any Lottery grants);
  • funds your organisation has already raised and tagged for your project, including loans;
  • evidence of what you have spent on, or invested in, project-related work within two years of date of application, such as the cost of securing resource consent;
  • the value of any land acquired for the project, provided that:
    • the land is specifically for the project;
    • you provide a current certificate of title;
    • you provide a certificate from a registered valuer, or a record of the rateable value, on the date the land was acquired. 

What is not seen as partnership funding?

The following are not seen as partnership funding contributions:

  • the value of any debt secured against the land at the request date
  • previous Lottery grants
  • unconfirmed or promised funds, including pledges and debentures you have not received
  • offers to donate labour or materials
  • the value of donated goods and services
  • the value of any voluntary labour
  • the value of any discounts.