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Why was the Community and Volunteering Capability Fund established and what changes have been made to community funding?

The Department of Internal Affairs undertook a review of community funding to ensure the funding we deliver meets the needs of communities, hapū and iwi.

In a review of our funds we heard from a wide range of voices which reflected the diversity of our communities.

Community and Volunteering Capability Fund

As a result of the review process, the structure of Crown funding has changed to create a simpler and more responsive approach to funding.

This has been achieved by combining 4 existing Crown funds into 1 new fund: the Community and Volunteering Capability Fund.

The Community and Volunteering Capability Fund priorities reflect the priorities of the 4 combined funds:

  • sector leadership (from the Community Leadership Fund)
  • organisational capability (from the Community Internship Programme)
  • volunteering (from the Support for Volunteering Fund)
  • youth worker training (from the Youth Worker Training Scheme)

Services and projects that were funded by the 4 funds will continue to be funded, and there are no changes to the application and reporting processes. The only change is the fund you apply to.

FAQS: Changes to community funding

What does this change mean for requests to the Community Internship Programme and Youth Worker Training Scheme for the 2021/22 funding round?

We will continue to accept requests to these funds for the 2021/22 funding round.

You will need to apply to the new combined fund from the beginning of the 2022/23 funding round in July.

How do we apply for funding?

Funding requests can be made through our online grants management system.

You can access this at the Community Matters website by following the link below:

Link to the grants management system

To contact a Community Advisor for advice on the application process:

If you wish to book an appointment at one of our offices, follow the link below to find the address:

Link to the list of Hāpai Hapori offices

How will this affect the community organisations that normally apply to 1 of the 4 funds that are being combined into the new fund?

If you previously met the eligibility criteria and funding priorities of the Community Internship Programme, the Community Leadership Fund, the Support for Volunteering Fund or the Youth Work Training Scheme you will be eligible to apply to the Community and Volunteering Capability Fund.

The priorities of these funds are consistent with the new combined fund.

Do we have access to the same level of funding?

You will have access to the same level of funding you had previously.

While there is no additional funding, the new structure allows for greater flexibility to share funding across the Community and Volunteering Capability Fund's priorities in response to changing community needs.

This means that some priorities could be topped up if additional funding is needed and available.

How much can we apply for?

The level of available funding you can apply for is unchanged.

Has the application process changed?

The application process will remain the same, except that you apply to the Community and Volunteering Capability Fund.

What are the opening and closing dates for the fund?

For the next financial year, the important dates for funding will be similar to previous years.

For the Hāpai Hapori funding calendar, follow the link below:

Link to important Hāpai Hapori funding dates

The funding round for the volunteering priority will open on 6 April and close 18 May, similar to the previous Support for Volunteering Fund.

The funding round for the sector leadership priority will open 26 May and close 7 July, similar to the previous Community Leadership Fund.

Requests for organisational capability and youth worker training funding (previously the Community Internship Programme and Youth Worker Training Scheme) can be made all year round.

Who will decide if our request is successful?

The Crown Panel will continue to assess requests and make recommendations to the Department based on the organisational capability, sector leadership and volunteering priorities.

These recommendations will guide the Department in a final decision.

The Crown Panel includes:

  • a community member with a community-led development focus
  • a representative from Te Atamira Taiwhenua, the Department’s kaumātua advisory group
  • a representative from the Ministry of Pacific Peoples
  • a representative from the Ministry of Ethnic Communities (or a member nominated by them).

The Department will continue to make decisions on youth worker training funding requests.

When will we know the outcome of our request?

If you apply for sector leadership or volunteering funding you will be notified of the decision within 10 working days of the Crown Panel reviewing your request.

If you apply for organisational capability funding please allow 4 to 12 weeks for your request to be assessed once we've received all the information we need.

You will be informed of the decision by email shortly after the Crown Panel has reviewed your request.

If you apply for youth worker training funding, you will be notified within 10 days of a decision being made.

Can we still apply for multi-year funding?

Community organisations previously eligible for multi-year funding are still eligible to apply for multi-year funding from the Community and Volunteering Capability Fund.

Multi-year funding of up to three years will continue to be available.

For more information on multi-year funding, follow the link to Community Matters below:

Link to Community and Volunteering Capability Fund page

How will requests be assessed?

Requests will be assessed against how well they meet the criteria and align to the purpose of the fund.

Are there any further changes planned?

Changes to Crown funding is one part of a large-scale programme of work.

During the next 2 years and beyond, we will work alongside stakeholders and communities to reshape our community funding system to be more strategic, responsive and inclusive, and to honour Te Tiriti o Waitangi.

We will be considering all aspects of the funding process with the aim to make it easier for communities to access funding.

Consistency across our funding sources is a key consideration of this work.

We will continue to engage and consult with our diverse communities throughout this process.