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What if I have an idea for a community project?

Most projects start off as an idea.

You may be a person, member of a community, community group, hapū or iwi and see an opportunity or a need, or find that something you and others want is not available.

Or you may see how resources in the community could be used in a new way or used to achieve a new purpose.

Our services

Community Operations is a branch of the Department of Internal Affairs. We have advisory teams located around New Zealand, available to work with you and your community. Our services help to build strong sustainable communities, hapū and iwi in New Zealand. We work with and for community, hapū and iwi to support the building of community connection, innovation and the empowering of local people to create positive change in their communities.

Our community advisors can help in various ways, including providing information and advice about:

  • community-led development
  • community projects
  • developing and strengthening community groups and organisations
  • accessing grants
  • understanding and working towards achieving meaningful outcomes for communities
  • how individuals can contribute and make a difference in their community 

Community advisors can also support your community or community group as a facilitator or as a relationship-broker, helping to connect you with other local people, groups or agencies. We work alongside our colleagues at Charities Services and the Office of Ethnic Communities and we often have working relationships with local and regional councils, other funders and government agencies.

Find out more by selecting the nearest regional office to you from the links below:

To email an individual staff member who may be known to you anywhere in the country, email: or you can email us at