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What do I need to provide with my project request?

All requests for project grants must:

  • show you have at least one-third of the total project cost in partnership funding. Your request will not be considered if you can’t meet this partnership funding requirement when the funding round closes
  • provide a project plan and timeline, and simple concept drawings or floor plans
  • have any resource consents your project needs before you request a grant.

Any plans, studies or reports that you use to support your grant request must be by a person or organisation that is not part of your project’s decision-making group. They must show they have the experience and qualifications for their expert views.

As well as the project budget and any other documents required for the type of grant you are requesting, if you are seeking:

  • a grant of $250,000 or more; provide a quantity surveyor’s report, or a signed contract, or three written quotes. Fewer than three written quotes will be accepted in reasonable circumstances. 
  • a grant of less than $250,000; provide three written quotes although fewer quotes will be accepted in reasonable circumstances. 
  • a grant for a plan, feasibility study or report, please provide one written quote.

If getting three quotes isn’t possible, please briefly explain why in your request.

We recommend you consider the on-going increase in building costs as part of your budget.


What can partnership funding include?

Partnership funding may include:

  • cash donations you’ve received;
  • confirmed sponsorship amounts;
  • grants made towards your project by others (apart from any Lottery grants);
  • funds your organisation has already raised and tagged for your project, including loans;
  • evidence of what you have spent on, or invested in, project-related work within two years of the date of application, such as the cost of securing resource consent;
  • the value of any land acquired for the project, provided that:
    • the land is specifically for the project;
    • you provide a current certificate of title;
    • you provide a certificate from a registered valuer, or a record of the rateable value, on the date the land was acquired. 

What is not seen as partnership funding?

The following are not seen as partnership funding contributions:

  • the value of any debt secured against the land at the request date
  • previous Lottery grants
  • unconfirmed or promised funds, including pledges and debentures you have not received
  • offers to donate labour or materials
  • the value of donated goods and services
  • the value of any voluntary labour
  • the value of any discounts.

What supporting documents are needed for Lottery Community Facilities requests?

All requests for grants must have:

All funding requests for a facility must have:

  • a detailed project budget
  • at least two letters of support from community organisations that will use the facility when it is finished.
  • proof of your organisation has secured a third of the total cost of the project as partnership funding (33.3%).
  • proof of land ownership or permission to build the facility from the owner of the land (if the facility is a fixed structure).

We recommend you consider the on-going increase in building costs as part of your budget.

Funding requests with a total project cost of $250,000 or more must provide a study that shows whether the project is feasible.  However, a feasibility study may not be required if the project does not require permits or consents, or is straightforward (for example re-roofing an existing building or when a project has progressed enough that a feasibility study wouldn’t be useful). Please contact an Advisor to discuss whether or not your project requires a feasibility study.

A Lottery Community Facilities Fund Advisor can be contacted at: Lottery Community Facilities Fund email