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Winston Churchill Memorial Trust 2019 Fellowships and their research reports

  • Andrea Gaskin (Auckland) will explore developments in arts access for people living with dementia through research with practitioners at five organisations in the United Kingdom which will enhance the impact of Make Moments in Aotearoa.
  • Benjamin Brooks (Auckland) will travel to the United States of America to investigate what New Zealand can learn from Texas where the imprisonment rate has dropped by over 25% in recent years.  A brief summary of the Fellowship Report can be found here.
  • Carl Pickens (Kaiwaka) will study world leading practice in urban agriculture projects and policies in Europe and the United Kingdom to illustrate how the incorporation of urban agriculture in New Zealand’s urban design and planning can contribute to a more sustainable future.
  • Chris Duggan (Tauranga) will travel to Europe to observe innovative practices to engage 5-12 year-old children in science learning, to inform the development of what would be appropriate for New Zealand children’s needs.
  • Denise Powell (Dunedin) will travel to the United States of America, and Australia to visit leading organisations with co-enrolment programmes for deaf and hard of hearing students. Insights and perspectives gained will inform the discussion on the appropriateness of the co-enrolment model to drive better outcomes in New Zealand.
  • Eva Forster-Garbutt (Wellington) will be meeting academics, professionals, and building archaeologists in the United Kingdom to guide improvements in the investigation and recording of heritage buildings in New Zealand.
  • Kate Evans (Raglan) will travel to Brazil, Colombia and France to research her first book, a ‘biography' of the feijoa, unravelling the history and culture of the fruit and its journey from South America to New Zealand.
  • Kelly Drake (Dargaville) will travel to Australia to study animal welfare programmes to support the implementation of species welfare measures for New Zealand farm assurance programmes.
  • Martin Enright (Auckland) will study targeted procurement policies in organisations in Canada and the United States of America to inform and support Māori economic empowerment in Tāmaki Makaurau and Aotearoa.
  • Monica Peters (Hamilton) will visit Europe and the United Kingdom to study citizen science projects and programmes to advance citizen science strategy, methods and best practice in New Zealand.
  • Sara Farrant (Wellington) will study the use of Patient Reported Outcomes (PRO) as standard of care for cancer services at leading international centres in the United Kingdom and the United States of America to inform the implementation of a PRO model in New Zealand.