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Tuia- Encounters 250 LogoLottery Tuia - Encounters 250 Programme

Lottery Tuia – Encounters 250 grants are available for projects that will enable events, activities and legacy projects that connect and build New Zealanders’ understanding of the following key themes for the Tuia - Encounters 250 commemoration for 2019: 

  • New Zealand’s Dual Heritage – Shared Future: increasing the accessibility and promoting our country’s compelling dual heritage, the value of indigenous knowledge and cultural practices and our potential as an increasingly multicultural society
  • the first meetings between Māori and Europeans across the country and their impact on contemporary society

  • the arts, science, technology and mātauranga of two great voyaging traditions (Pacific and European)

  • whakapapa and identity:

              • enabling iwi/hapū to research, access and promote their experiences, stories, mātauranga and cultural practices at or before 1769 to promote a balanced historical narrative relating to New Zealand’s dual heritage

              • exploring our common bond as voyagers to this country and the arrival stories of all New Zealanders (enabling cross-cultural conversations focused on migration and connections to New Zealand)

Ngā Hua / Outcomes

Organisations receiving grants are expected to demonstrate how their projects will contribute to the overarching LEH outcomes. In addition projects are expected to have community benefits including: 

  • Increased access, understanding and promotion of the distinctive regional stories, iwi/hapū history, mātauranga and heritage connected to the first meetings of Māori and Europeans 
  • Facilitation of commemorative events, activities and projects that express the diversity of perspectives and experiences in relation to the Tuia - Encounters 250 themes within regions 
  • Increased public engagement with the arts, science, technology and mātauranga Māori through initiatives developed to promote Tuia - Encounters 250 themes in regions across New Zealand

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