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The Lottery Grants Board has allocated $9 million to support the Tuia –Encounters 250 Commemoration. The Lottery Tuia - Encounters 250 Programme will open on 4 April 2018.

Tuia- Encounters 250 LogoLottery Tuia - Encounters 250 Programme

Lottery Tuia – Encounters 250 grants are available for projects that will enable events, activities and legacy projects that connect and build New Zealanders’ understanding of the following key themes for the Tuia - Encounters 250 commemoration for 2019: 

  • New Zealand’s Dual Heritage – Shared Future: increasing the accessibility and promoting our country’s compelling dual heritage, the value of indigenous knowledge and cultural practices and our potential as an increasingly multicultural society
  • the first meetings between Māori and Europeans across the country and their impact on contemporary society

  • the arts, science, technology and mātauranga of two great voyaging traditions (Pacific and European)

  • whakapapa and identity:

              • enabling iwi/hapū to research, access and promote their experiences, stories, mātauranga and cultural practices at or before 1769 to promote a balanced historical narrative relating to New Zealand’s dual heritage

              • exploring our common bond as voyagers to this country and the arrival stories of all New Zealanders (enabling cross-cultural conversations focused on migration and connections to New Zealand)

Ngā Hua / Outcomes

Organisations receiving grants are expected to demonstrate how their projects will contribute to the overarching LEH outcomes. In addition projects are expected to have community benefits including: 

  • Increased access, understanding and promotion of the distinctive regional stories, iwi/hapū history, mātauranga and heritage connected to the first meetings of Māori and Europeans 
  • Facilitation of commemorative events, activities and projects that express the diversity of perspectives and experiences in relation to the Tuia - Encounters 250 themes within regions 
  • Increased public engagement with the arts, science, technology and mātauranga Māori through initiatives developed to promote Tuia - Encounters 250 themes in regions across New Zealand

Ngā kaupapa matua / Priorities

Requests will need to show how they meet the overarching Lottery Environment and Heritage priorities which can be found here

In addition requests need to show how they meet one or more of the following priorities:

  • enable New Zealanders to gain a better understanding of New Zealand’s dual heritage, our complex history of migration and settlement and how this has shaped New Zealand’s identity
  • are inclusive and encourage the active participation of a diverse range of New Zealanders (considering ethnicity, socioeconomic status, gender, age, exceptionalities, language, sexual orientation, and geographical area) in Tuia – Encounters 250 commemoration projects, events and activities
  • deliver meaningful social, cultural, environmental and/or economic community benefit for communities across New Zealand
  • promote iwi/hapū experiences, stories, mātauranga and cultural practices at or before 1769 to promote a balanced historical narrative relating to New Zealand’s dual heritage
  • are delivered through collaborative partnerships (eg. between community groups, iwi, local authorities, philanthropists).

Ngā kaupapa ka tautokona ā-pūtea / What we fund

The following events, activities and legacy projects that promote the vision and priorities of Tuia–Encounters 250 may be funded:

  • Iwi/hapū-led research projects to document and promote a greater understanding of Māori experience, cultural practices and mātauranga Māori in or before 1769
  • Community event and legacy projects acknowledging specific regional history connected to the first meetings between Māori and Europeans
  • Arts and cultural projects and programmes including music, theatre, dance, literature, visual art, craft object art, Māori arts, Pacific arts, and multi-disciplinary projects
  • Ecological restoration or conservation projects with public access or that can show significant community benefit
  • Events and projects that engage people in science, technology and mātauranga Māori Documentation of Tuia–Encounters 250 events and legacy projects (still and moving image content capture) and publications
  • Interpretative material.

For the Tuia - Encounters 250 Programme only:

  • Partnership funding is not a requirement. However priority may be given to organisations that can show they have secured additional funding. 
  • There is no limit to the amount you can request. However, please be aware that there is pressure on the funds available and the committee may not be able to provide the full amount requested.

There are no opening and closing dates for the Fund so you can make a request at any time. Requests received by the dates below, will be decided at the next decision-meeting:

  • 11 October 2018 (for a meeting on 13 December 2018) 
  • 17 January 2019 (for a meeting on 14 February 2019)

How to make a request

To make a request to the Lottery Tuia - Encounters 250 Programme after 4 April 2018, set-up a profile and log in to our online grants management system.  Make your group's request on the Lottery Environment and Heritage Fund request form.

Due to a high number of requests for the February 2019 meeting, the Fund may be entirely spent at that meeting.  We encourage you to submit your request by 17 January 2019.

Before you submit a request, please ensure your request also includes all the required supporting documentation. The required supporting documents are listed here:

  • Project budget (you can find detailed information on the types of budget here)
  • Project Plan and timeline
  • Quotes, contracts and/or quantity surveyor reports 
  • Two letters of support for your project
  • Your organisation supporting financial documentation (you can find detailed information on what is required here)

If you have any more questions about making a funding request, please speak to an advisor on 0800 824 824 (Monday to Thursday 8:30am-5pm, Friday 9am-5pm)

If you would like further information about the Tuia – Encounters 250 Programme or support with your application email

Ngā kaupapa kāore e tautokona ā-pūtea / What we don't fund

In addition to what may not be funded by any Lottery committee, Lottery Tuia - Encounters 250 does not fund:

  • events outside of New Zealand 
  • projects, events or activities that do not have the vision of Tuia – Encounters 250 as the main focus 
  • day to day operating expenses of organisations 
  • overseas travel 
  • building of historic replicas 
  • memorials – conservation and restoration of existing memorials as well as the construction of new memorials 
  • ecological restoration projects without a satisfactory ecological restoration plan or report 
  • restoration of privately or commercially owned buildings 
  • general/routine maintenance that is not part of larger restoration work 
  • installation of amenities such as kitchens, toilets etc. 
  • the purchase of works of art and/or artefacts for museums, art galleries or other institutions will not be considered (except where the object is of national significance and must be purchased to ensure that the object remains in or returns to New Zealand) 
  • catering costs (including the purchase of alcohol and licenses to sell alcohol) 
  • individuals 
  • reunions 
  • network infrastructure 
  • the purchase of land or buildings (unless it can be demonstrated that the project is of exceptional conservation or cultural merit)the purchase of office equipment 
  • the preparation of education kits developed specifically for the school curriculum and for use primarily in schools, and, in particular, to be sold to schools

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