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Chinese Poll Tax Heritage Trust record of grants 2021/22

Name Amount Purpose
Adrienne Shaw $3,000 To assist with preservation of a historical area.
André Taber $5,000 Funding assist documenting past history of Chinese society in the the restaurant business in New Zealand. Note : The Trustees are seeking assurance that you are able to deliver and complete this project, as continued funding support from the Trust is not guaranteed.
Asian Events Trust $10,000 To assist the event for community inclusion.
New Zealand Chinese Association (Canterbury Branch) Incorporated $26,000 To support the event in promoting cultural and sporting activities for the community.
New Zealand Chinese Association Auckland Incorporated $25,000 Funding to assist the project for the development of youth.
New Zealand Chinese Association Manawatu Branch Incorporated $4,900 To assist with the upgrade of facilities for community use.
Nicola Won $5,000 To assist with documentation of historical research into the lives of the women of the gold mining era.
Qiao Yi Lion Dance Team Christchurch $2,500 To support the community to showcase Chinese new year celebrations
Wellington Chinese Sports and Cultural Centre Incorporated $10,000 This is to assist with the re-roofing to provide a useable community facility.
André Taber $5,000 Funding assistance for documenting histories of Chinese restaurants and take -aways (stage 4) - The Trust is wanting your programme plan to finalise and complete the project, as continual funding cannot be guaranteed.
Auckland Chinese Presbyterian Church $9,000 Funding assistance towards the community kitchen fittings and equipment.
Dunedin Senior Chinese Association $1,000 Funding assistance to support the purchase of new costumes for the Chinese Cultural Performance Dancers.
Jessica Wong $14,790 Funding to assist with the TV series recipe book.
Lawrence Chinese Camp Charitable Trust $40,000 Funding assistance towards survey/planning consents for the restoration of buildings to complement and add to heritage preservation in the local area.
Mei Lee $4,796 Funding to assist with finishing of the short film.
Ruth Lam $5,000 Commissioned funding to assist with the feasibility/process of converting the previously printed CPTHT paper books onto e-book website platform for the Trust.
Talia Pua $6,250 Funding assistance to essentially game design and build by GeoAR and host the game on their existing platform, Magical Park.
The New Zealand Chinese Association (Waikato Branch) Incorporated $20,000 Funding assistance towards replacement of safety fire exit doors.