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Do I need to acknowledge support from the Norman Kirk Memorial Trust?

Organisations and people receiving grants or scholarships must describe the Trust’s support in any publicity material, annual reports and similar publications or promotion around individuals' study or activities.

Is my information private?

All recipients of grants, fellowships or scholarships are published on this website, apart from those receiving Lottery Individuals with Disabilities or Viet Nam Veterans and Their Families Trust grants.

Other information about the request or grant may sometimes be released under the Official Information Act 1982. After 10 years, grant and request records are moved to the National Archives and are available to the public.

By making a grant request, an individual or organisation agrees that the Department of Internal Affairs may provide or get information needed about the applicant from any other government department or agency, private person or organisation. We will only do this under the principles of the Privacy Act 2020.

You can ask for a copy of any personal information we hold about you and ask to have it corrected if you think it’s wrong. To do this, email: or write to:

The Privacy Officer
Department of Internal Affairs
PO Box 805
Wellington 6140