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Can anyone assist me with my Viet Nam Veterans and their Families Trust request?

For some people, filling in a grant request can be a bit daunting, so please talk to your local RSA welfare officer if that is the case - they are happy to assist and to act as the support person for the grant request process.

You and your support person should provide as much detail as possible about yourself, your financial situation and/or hardship. The Trustees will not be able to make an informed decision without this information. The Trustees may defer a decision on a request if not enough information is provided and they may ask you or your support person to provide additional information.

If you want a request form posted to you, please phone 0800 824 824 (8am to 5pm Monday to Thursday, 9am to 5pm Friday) or email:

What is the Viet Nam Veterans and their Families Trust priority?

When making grant decisions, the Trustees look for the benefits a grant will make to someone’s life. Priority is given where there is immediate or obvious need. 

If you are not sure whether you are able to request a grant, it is better to submit a request, rather than assume you are not eligible. The Trust may be able to direct you to other places for assistance. 

Grants are in addition to any other entitlements under the Veterans’ Support Act 2014.