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What date do I have to get my grant request in by?

The Trust accepts grant requests all year round and these are considered by the Trust at its next meeting. The Trust meets four times a year, in:

  • March
  • June
  • September
  • November.

What may be funded by the Viet Nam Veterans and their Families Trust?

The Trust may provide grants to help with these types of expenses:

  • house repairs, such as repairs to the roof, plumbing or electrical wiring, or replacing fences in disrepair
  • buying and/or installing home heating or insulation
  • buying practical household items, such as beds
  • house alterations needed for medical reasons
  • debt from unexpected circumstances, such as vehicle repairs
  • orthodontic or optometrist costs
  • travel, such as visiting a sick relative, or getting to hospital appointments. 

Some educational expenses may be funded, such as books or fees to attend a school which supports children with a disability. The Trust is unlikely to assist with tertiary education or apprenticeship fees.

The Trustees may award a grant to cover expenses you have already paid for.