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Who are the Chinese Poll Tax Trust trustees?

The eight trustees are all descendants of the original poll tax payers:

  • Paul Chin 陳植欽 (Chairperson)
  • Deborah Sew Hoy 徐玉蓮
  • Jennifer Too 朱余敬貞
  • Rodney Jack Wong 黃华倫
  • Lois Yee 余笑儀
  • Malcolm Wong 黄 君 權
  • Mark Ngan Kee 顏文傑
  • Melissa Wong 黄美玲

When was the Chinese Poll Tax Heritage Trust established?

The New Zealand government established the Chinese Poll Tax Heritage Trust in 2004 with $5 million as a gesture of reconciliation in support of the formal apology. The Trust is a gesture of goodwill to the poll tax payers, their descendants and future generations in recognition of the hardship caused by the poll tax and other discriminatory legislation.