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What are the Chinese Poll Tax Heritage Trust aims?

The Trust aims to strengthen the unique identity of Chinese New Zealanders and their communities in New Zealand in recognition of the poll tax payers by:

  • promoting the preservation of Chinese New Zealand history and awareness of the contributions of early Chinese settlers
  • providing tangible support for Chinese New Zealand history, language and culture, particularly that of the early settler Chinese community


  • 提倡保存紐西蘭華人的歷史,並宣傳早期華人移民的貢獻
  • 對紐西蘭華人歷史、語言和文化提供具體支持,尤其是早期華人移民社群

Does the Chinese Poll Tax Heritage Trust promote any types of projects or objectives?

The Trust promotes, but does not limit itself to, funding:

  • learning and use of the Cantonese language
  • awareness and understanding of the history of Chinese communities in New Zealand
  • the recording and preserving of Chinese New Zealand history
  • greater public understanding of ethnic diversity with particular emphasis on the contributions of Chinese New Zealanders
  • Chinese arts and culture (including Chinese New Zealand creative and cultural expression).

When was the Chinese Poll Tax Heritage Trust established?

The New Zealand government established the Chinese Poll Tax Heritage Trust in 2004 with $5 million as a gesture of reconciliation in support of the formal apology. The Trust is a gesture of goodwill to the poll tax payers, their descendants and future generations in recognition of the hardship caused by the poll tax and other discriminatory legislation.