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What was the New Zealand government's apology for?

In 2002, the New Zealand government formally apologised to the early settler Chinese community for the actions of previous governments that imposed a poll tax on Chinese persons entering New Zealand and other discriminatory statutes.

紐西蘭政府在 2002 年向華人早期移民正式道歉,因為前政府向移民紐西蘭的華人課徵人頭稅,並頒佈過其他歧視性法令。

Can we get a grant for sending people on training courses?

Poll tax payers and their descendants comprise the 'early settler' Chinese community in New Zealand. It is a community linked by family and village networks, and common geographic origin - all came from a cluster of counties in the south of Guangdong [Canton] province. From 1866 to 1960 all Chinese New Zealanders were part of this community.