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Are there any requirements for organisations wanting to request grants?

An organisation must have:

  • two people with the right to sign all of the organisation’s bank accounts
  • a current cashbook or electronic version that is regularly updated
  • a record for tracking grants from different funding sources
  • a person responsible for keeping the organisation’s financial records
  • up-to-date tax records (if applicable)
  • regular financial reporting to every full meeting of the governing body
  • submitted any reports due for previously approved grants
  • an up-to-date organisation profile in our online system
  • an official bank document showing your organisation’s bank account details (this could be a bank statement, printed deposit slip or bank letter confirming the account name and number)
  • if the profile secretary has changed, a document or meeting minute confirming who now has the right to act as a profile secretary for the organisation and its records in our online system.