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What is a legal entity?

A legal entity is an organisation that has its own legal identity, separate from its members.

Legal entity status includes:

  • incorporated societies
  • trusts registered under the Charitable Trusts Act 1957
  • companies with charitable purposes
  • local authorities
  • school boards of trustees
  • Māori trust boards. 

Being registered with Charities Services does not make an organisation a legal entity.

How much money can I request?

Grants over $10,000 can be made only to organisations with legal entity status. Make sure you've filled in the ‘legal entity status’ section of your organisation profile in our online system. For any other funding limits, you will need to check the details for the type of grant you are requesting.

Can we ask for more than $10,000?

If you are requesting a grant of more than $10,000 , your organisation must be a ‘legal entity’.

Our online system will not accept a request for more than $10,000 unless the ‘legal entity status’ section of the organisation profile has been completed.