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How do outcomes affect how we report on a grant?

When it comes to reporting on a grant you may receive, the ōtinga kōrero or results report asks you to focus on

  • what happened
  • who benefitted
  • what outcomes were achieved and how you know what’s been achieved
  • by the numbers, e.g. how many people benefitted or participated
  • by the stories, what feedback did you receive from those who participated or benefitted.

How do outcomes affect a grant request?

When a grant request is considered for funding, the decision-makers will take into account:

  • who will benefit
  • what outcomes you expect to achieve as a result of what you are planning to do
  • how you will know what you’ve achieved or what difference you’ve made
    • by the numbers, e.g. who will participate or benefit?
    • by the stories, e.g. what feedback will you collect or stories will you be able to share?

They also consider the purposes, outcomes and benefits they are hoping to achieve through the grant investments they make.