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How do you apply for a grant to the Pacific Development and Conservation Trust?

If you have access to a stable and affordable internet connection and have a level of confidence using online technology, you should submit your application using our online system. This is our preferred way of receiving applications. It’s much quicker and easier for you.If you do not have access to a stable affordable internet connection or are not familiar with online technology, then you can ask someone you know to download the application form for you.

The paper application can be downloaded here

Please only use the paper application form if you:

  • Do not have internet access
  • Do not have stable or affordable internet access
  • Are not a confident user of online technology

Once you complete the application form you can send it to us two ways:

1. Ask someone to scan your application and email it and all supporting documents to
2. Post your application and all supporting documents to P.O Box 805, Wellington, 6011