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Who reviews or assesses our COGS grant requests?

A COGS grant request is first reviewed by the Department of Internal Affairs to check you have completed the request form and provided a budget that shows the period of time (dates) the budget covers. This includes checking the information on your organisation profile is also up-to-date.

If your request meets these requirements and is complete, a local COGS committee member then assesses your request and may contact you if they have any questions about what you want support for, or what benefits or outcomes you are hoping to achieve. This is why you are asked to provide the name and details for a local contact person who can talk about your grant request.

When a COGS committee meets, the committee members’ assessments help inform the discussion and decision-making on your grant request.

Who decides who gets a COGS grant?

Grant decisions are based on the funds available and how each request is likely to contibute to achieving benefits and outcomes for local communities, hapū and iwi.

COGS decision-making for grants is devolved to local people elected to local COGS committees by their community. Requests for grants are assessed and decided by elected volunteers on each of 37 local COGS committees.

The 2022 nominations are currently open, until 31 August 2022. 

For more information about the COGS committee nomination and election process:

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