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What do I need to include with my COGS funding request?

What supporting documents do I need?

Your COGS funding request requires a budget, and your organisation needs to meet some financial reporting requirements and provide evidence of these.

You will need to upload evidence of your organisation's financial reporting to your Organisation profile in the grants and client management system and you will need to upload your budget with your funding request before you submit it. 

Your funding request will be considered incomplete if you don’t provide this information by the closing date for the funding round, and your request will not be considered.

If your funding request is approved you may use the grant for any costs in your budget, except for:

  • any item that is not eligible
  • any cost that is excluded when the funding is approved.

Information about budgets and financial reporting requirments can be found at the links below:

You should check that the financial reporting evidence you have uploaded to your Organisation profile is up-to-date before you submit your funding request.