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What are the Oranga Marae programme phases?

Marae development planning

A Marae Development Plan (MDP) is needed for all Oranga Marae investment.

  • The MDP must set out all of the marae's development goals, and the amount of investment needed.
  • This plan must outline the vision of the marae, its current state and the proposed actions.
  • The Oranga Marae Committee needs to be able to see that the whānau or hapū have worked together to plan for the sustainable future of their marae, and that they will support the plan to make it happen.
  • The MDP component of the programme will remain open all year. This means that marae can apply for MDP funding when best suits them.

Cultural revitalisation activities

A marae may also apply for financial or other support for activities in the MDP to help revitalise Māori culture on the marae.

Requests for funding may be made at any time after the plan has been approved.

Technical or feasibility study support

In this phase of the programme, marae can request help from an advisor with:

  • undertaking a technical or feasibility study, to show that planned capital (building) works are feasible
  • applying for resource or building consent
  • determining appropriate cultural development activities.

If needed, an advisor can also help the marae to apply for more appropriate funding.


Marae Development Implementation (MDI)

An advisor may also help a marae to apply for funding or other support for the capital works identified in the Marae Development Plan.

  • Marae are able to seek funding from other sources to help with this, in addition to Oranga Marae.
  • There is no minimum requirement for funding from other sources.
  • Oranga Marae is a contestable fund with finite limits, so there are no guarantees that all applications will be fully funded.
  • Marae are also expected to use their own resources in helping to implement the MDP.